There’s life in this bar…

ERSA Healthy Life Technologies, which is the newest member of RENASAN A.Ş. Group, established in 1967, is born to meet the need of public’s oxygen.

Singular Oxygen Bar (With Airbrush System)

Singular airbrush OXYMATE Oxygen Bar unit is an efficient skin treatment tool that can be used in Beauty Saloons. (Oxygen spraying is a spraying oxygen and vitamin system to skin with a special brush applicator.) It conveys active substances to the deeper layers of the skin.

It can be easyly applied to face, neck and all parts of the body.

It as designed to use in Beauty and aesthetic saloons and Spas.

This system is also used in lady’s hair dressers for spraying Oxygen to hair roots and nails. It’s can be used as an aromatic oxygen therapy unit when used without the optional airbrush system.

It’s used at home, hotel presidential suites, suite rooms and casinos.