There’s life in this bar…

ERSA Healthy Life Technologies, which is the newest member of RENASAN A.Ş. Group, established in 1967, is born to meet the need of public’s oxygen.

Message of the Chairman

baskanPeople or institutions in the business world are trying hard to become a brand to be recognized, to hold a place, to create a market and to make a contiunity.

It’s a big possibility to come across with many difficulties in this long and tiring road. This is a marathon that has no end or begining. There will always be new participations and conditions.

It’s a high rhythm. We, as ERSA HEALTHY LIFE, are in the first rank in this long run. We’ve been leading the sector with our investments, new products, research and developments, quality and adequecy standards, selling networks and most importantly with our customer satifaction. We’ve been motivated by our changing competitors.
It sure takes long time to become a brand. And to be recognised with this brand, to be preffered, or even to be able to hold a place is tough, compromising and asks a lot of patience. It is very important for the customer to have a high standard product and service, as much as continuity, improvement and high profit margin for the company. In  manifacturing or service business, high quality product and service should be company’s first motto.

Our comparable studies about many developed countries show that the countries with less population, superficies, raw material, worse climate conditions have famous brands. This means we have to work a lot more in becoming a brand.

Our goal is to carry the OXYMATE brands to the global competition and to hold a place there, just as the place we’re holding in our country for years.

In this means, ERSA HEALTHY LIFE is an investor company that makes collective studies and export with foreign institutions.

Our goal is to become a worldwide brand and to be the first on the marathon.